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4 Tips To Help You Repair Damaged Winter Hair

Winter has just started this week. In winter there are gusting winds and low humidity in the air. And low humidity not only dries out your skin but also dries out your hair. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle and is seeking the summer warmth, then read on. Here are four tips to help you repair your damaged winter hair: 1. Reduce shampooing. Shampooing every second or third day will allow natural oils to remain on your hair and scalp and prevent further drying. 2. Go deep. Once to twice a week, massage a deep conditioner into your hair and scalp and let it rest as you shower. Then rinse with warm water. For extremely dry hair, try using a leave-in deep conditioner or conditioning hair mask that you apply before bedtime and rinse the following morning. Be sure to wear a hairnet and to place a towel on your pillow so you don’t stain your bedsheets. 3. Go natural. Using hairdryers and other heating devices takes a toll on your hair. When possible, allow your hair to air-dry, but aim for at least once to twice a week. 4. Cool off. Some women who chemically treat their hair (think highlights) and use heating devices regularly (think flatirons), develop trichorrhexis nodosa, or hair breakage. Once hair is broken, you can’t fix it. You can minimize additional damage by reducing the usage of heating devices. Try every second or third day instead of every day.