Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Unwanted body hair or excessive hair growth is a common problem among both women and men. Seeking a lasting solution to this can be a good move for you if you are tired of the temporary hair removal methods. Getting permanent hair reduction via laser is a scientific and pain-free technology that uses a concentrated beam of light that only works on the hair follicles, without affecting any other area or component of the skin. At Dr Rupali skin solutions, we have world’s first US-FDA approved Quadruple Hair Removal Laser.

Tattoo Removals

Sceptical about a permanent tattoo? Well, don’t be as we offer advanced solutions that are not only safe but don’t cost a fortune. With the help of our US-FDA approved laser machines- you can go back home relieved with spotless skin. Our prescribed procedures are pain-free and performed under the guidance of our experienced doctors and experts. As this takes a few weeks for the tattoo ink to leave the skin, we ensure you get complete medical support till we collectively achieve the final result.

Skin Brightening & Glow Treatment

Get your skin a healthy boost through laser toning and technoscientific skin peels. This treatment will not only enhance the complexion of your skin but also omit other related skin issues like blemishes, spots, and patches by reducing the melanin concentration in your skin. We make sure this treatment is absolutely safe and pain-free. We follow a very specific approach especially thought out for your skin type- ensuring it gives the exact results you desired for.

Semipermanent Makeup

Semi-permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that heightens your features such as eyes, brows, lips and adds more sharpness to them. This is a complexion treatment procedure that involves injecting pigments into the superficial layer of the skin (which is also why this is called ‘semi-permanent’ unlike tattoos which are permanent in nature). At Dr Rupali’s a team of highly trained doctors perform this procedure ensuring a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

Scar & Stretchmarks Reduction

Most people spend a hefty amount of money on buying products and creams that claim to diminish stretch marks and permanent marks on the body. In reality, clinical treatments are the ultimate solution to your scar problem. At Dr Rupali’s we recommend the best skin solution to remove scars depending on the type of scar and your skin type. We offer the best scar and stretch mark removal treatments like PRP, MNRF, subcision RF, non-ablative RF, and various future techniques at our centre.

Pigmentation Reduction

Dark spots, patchy skin or irregular skin tone- all these are signs of a medical condition called hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation usually happens in those areas of skin that are more exposed to the sun due to excess melanin content in your skin. We use the latest technological procedures like Q Switch Nd Yag laser therapy and pigment reduction chemical peels to curb the pigmented skin which are 100% safe and pain-free in nature.

Meso Therapy

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure where we inject a cocktail of various vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants that work best to give your skin a refreshing boost. Mesotherapy can fix both skin and hair related issues which is a safe and effective way to nourish your skin from the inside out. When injected into the skin or scalp, it replenishes the skin with the deficit nutrients as well as increases the flow of blood in that area. As a result, it initiates regrowth of hair in the scalp and tightens the facial skin while giving it a brightening glow.

Medi Facials

Medical facials are a proven success in fixing dull, loose and dull skin through hydration and oxygenation – the effects of which stay for a much longer duration of time. This is a highly recommended facial especially for people with sensitive skin. Medi facials are an absolutely safe and comfortable treatment for people of various skin types.

Hair Regrowth Therapy

Losing hair at an early stage of life can not only be disturbing but also lead to loss of self-confidence. Most patients look at medical hair regrowth therapy as their last chance at having healthy and beautiful hair. At Dr Rupali skin centre we truly understand the responsibility that comes with it while treating recessive hair growth problems. Our dermatologists specialize in treatments that help you regain the lost hair growth naturally through non-surgical methods. A thorough diagnosis of your scalp, followed by blood tests and nutrient deficiency tests and hair treatments like Hair Mesotherapy, Hair PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) and Hair Root Booster Therapy is done.

Anti Aging

Ageing occurs in two ways- intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ageing occurs due to genetic reasons, but extrinsic ageing is caused by various external factors such as excessive sun exposure, stress, pollution, smoking, irregular sleeping pattern. The anti-ageing treatments at our clinic cater to both these factors and ensure you get the skin you desire for. The procedure like Nano Fractional RF, BOTOX and Fillers are non-surgical, anti-aging treatments which are 100% safe. Our vast knowledge in understanding different skin types and highly equipped procedure rooms make our clinic an obvious choice for all patients.